Point blank society


Texas based, Point Blank Society is the persona of Cullen King. 


His early background in performance includes work with Houston Grand Opera and Broadway Across America. By combining aspects of dark alternative pop with his classical/theatrical training, Cullen began performing under the name of Point Blank Society in 2014.


While still attending high school, “I Wanna Run” and “Point Of Opportunity” were the first releases from Point Blank Society.


After high school, Cullen continued his pursuit in the education of music performance at The University of Texas’s school of music (The Butler School Of Music). During this continuation of classical training, Point Blank Society’s debut EP was written and released. This work resulted in features on platforms such as MTV and was followed by Point Blank Society’s first nationwide tour.


Not long after, Cullen decided to take some time away from college. During this period of regrouping, new music was written he instead decided to independently release the single “Tell Me I Matter” in August of 2018. This single resulted in the first Billboard chart appearance from Point Blank Society.


Cullen is currently finishing his performance degree at The University of Texas’s Butler School Of Music and he is expected to release a new EP in the Dark Alt POP genre this Fall of 2018.



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